What are Non-Slip Shoes? Everything You Need to Know

Non-slip shoes are shoes with treads that excellently grip the ground to avoid slips, trips or falls. They have a lot of benefits, and many professionals wear them to stay safe at work. Some of the professions that utilize their undoubted injury-free service are catering, construction, health care and manufacturing just to mention a few.

If you want to understand these shoes, you will have to know how they work. After which, you can buy a pair and work knowing that you are always safe from slips and trips that might cause excruciating pain.

How Do Non-slip Shoes Work?

Slip-resistant or non-slip shoes have treads and tread grooves that grip the floor on which you are walking. Theoretically, the deeper and more pronounced the grooves and treads are, the better the grip.

Each groove firmly grips the floor with a frictional force of 0.018 to 0.108, though this value will depend on the nature of the surface you’re walking on. Also, non-slip shoes have well-designed tread patterns to maximize their grip on all surfaces, including wet and greasy ones.

They have circle outsoles with multiple treads and grooves, all of which have excellent shapes and patterns. Their outsole design moves water or oil out of the way for an excellent grip. As such, non-slip shoes protect their wearers from slips, trips and falls at all cost. You deserve to stay safe while at work. Find the right pair and achieve the objective of being accident-free!

What are the Different Non-slip Shoes?

1. Non-slip shoes for restaurants

When it comes to restaurants, there’s a plethora of non-slip shoes to choose from. These shoes have high-quality rubber outsoles that sufficiently grip restaurant floors for safe navigation, thanks to their well-pronounced car-like treads.

When looking to buy some non-slip restaurant shoes, you should take a lot of considerations. First, make sure that the shoes have comfortable insoles so you can stand on your feet all day long with zero stress on your foot muscles.

Also, you will have to consider the cushioning level. Well-cushioned shoes provide adequate support for optimal restaurant floors navigation. If the padding is insufficient, your feet will ache after work. Also, look for breathable non-slip shoes with antimicrobial sock liners. Such shoes will keep your feet fresh, dry and odorless after work.

It’s very important to always wear non-slip shoes for restaurants while you’re at work. Besides, these shoes have a lot of benefits which include the following:

  • They reduce restaurant accidents

Restaurants are busy places, especially in the kitchen. Sometimes, their floors might have oil and water spills, causing them to be accident-prone. Without non-slip shoes that excellently grip the floors despite their slippery condition, you are likely to have an accident. Non-slip shoes, therefore, help to reduce accident in restaurants.

  • They repel oil

Non-slip restaurant shoes are made of thick high-quality materials that repel oil. Even when hot oil splashes to your shoes, it will not penetrate through to burn your skin or feet due to the oil-repellent nature of the shoes. As such, these shoes reduce accidents further by repelling oil that splashes on shoes.

  • They are durable

One feature that makes non-slip restaurant shoes beneficial is their durability. Since they feature high-quality shoe materials, they not only protect you from possible injury threats but are also durable for prolonged service. You can always work optimally for long in these shoes.


  • They might run small to size.
  • Some might need extra insert so they can provide adequate arch support.
  • Their upper leather might crease too soon.

2. Non-slip shoes for hospitals

Hospitals have non-slip shoes that they recommend their employees to always wear while at work. That’s because these shoes have a lot of benefits which aim to keep every employee safe from slips and falls. Just like with the non-slip restaurant shoes, you will also have to consider a few features in shoes for hospitals.

Besides being non-slip, you will also need to make sure that they are comfortable enough to let you handle an all-day-long shift. If you need some kind of support, say arch support, be sure to shop for non-slip hospital shoes with that provides that kind of support. The shoes in this category benefit their wearers in the following ways:

  • They are comfortable

Non-slip hospital shoes are very comfortable since they have sufficient amounts of padding. They also have bolstered insoles, removable insoles and high-quality but breathable shoe materials for excellent comfort while wearing them.

Since their insoles are removable, you can always insert your customized orthotics for a personalized comfort or fit.

  • They provide safety

The vinyl hospital floors and long corridors might be unforgiving sometimes if there are water and other lubricant spills. With non-slip shoes for hospital professionals, you drastically reduce the chances of slipping. These shoes have treads or lugs with excellent patterns and shape to keep you grounded. Therefore, they provide safety to their wearers.

  • They increase cruising speed of slippery floors

Walking on floors with puddles of water and other liquid spills might be challenging and slow. You will be walking slowly on slippery floors because of fear of falling. But with non-slip shoes, you will walk with an increased pace due to excellent grip and confidence. As such, non-slip shoes help increase walking speed on wet and slippery floors.

  • They are cost-effective

Every time you’re safe, you don’t spend a dime treating an injury. Since non-slip shoes for hospital employees eliminate chances of involving yourself in an accident, you will be reducing your monthly costs. This makes these shoes cost-effective.

Besides, these shoes are durable and will last longer. Once you buy a pair of high-quality shoes, it will take you time before having to buy another pair. This makes them cost-effective further.


  • Some might have inferior shoe materials quality.
  • They might run large to size,
  • They could be expensive with a particular size.

3. Non-slip shoes for constructors

If you work at a construction site, you should always wear proper non-slip shoes. There are non-slip shoes for construction workers. You should buy them if you work in a construction work site. These shoes have rubber-made soles with excellent lugs for unmatched traction.

Oil leaks are prone to happen in construction sites. You need proper non-slip shoes to stay safe from slips and falls. You have every reason to wear non-slip shoes for construction works. These shoes benefit construction employees in the following ways.

  • They are lightweight

Non-slip shoes for construction works are made from sturdy but lightweight materials so you can deal with less weight as you work.

Their midsole units have lightweight cushioning materials to cut down some weight. Also, their rubber made outsoles comprise special lightweight rubber compounds to reduce the weight further.

  • They protect your feet

Non-slip shoes such as EVER BOOTS have a strong toe box that protects your foot from falling hazards. Also, their high-quality rubber soles are abrasion-resistant to protect you from abrasive elements on the ground. As such, you should always wear a pair of these boots while heading to work.

  • They are durable

Having abrasion-resistant soles makes these non-slip shoes durable. The soles will last longer before wearing down to the point of losing the excellent grip. Other shoe parts such as the uppers have high-quality materials such as premium-quality leather for additional durability.

You can always find long-lasting construction shoes for anti-slip performance. You only need to make sure that you feel comfortable in them.

  • They are water-resistant

Construction sites might get wet sometimes because of the dire need to use water. Fortunately, non-slip shoes for such places are resistant to water. Your feet will not get wet but remain dry so you can perform excellently at work.

Dry foot reduced internal slips thereby reducing accidents. In-shoe slips can be as lethal as slippage of the outsole.

  • They have EH protection

Besides protecting you from slips, construction shoes also protect you from hazardous electric shocks buy insulating your feet. Their rubber soles don’t conduct electricity thus keeping you safe from electric charges. They are best for workers in an electrical field.


  • Since their uppers are leather made, they are not breathable enough.
  • They might be bulky.
  • Prices vary when it comes to sizes.

4. Non-slip shoes for carwash employees

Car wash employees are at a higher risk of slipping due to the soapy nature of the carwash floors. They need proper car wash non-slip shoes in order to stay safe. When looking for a carwash non-slip shoes, you can consider Dawan non-slip shoes.

First, they have rubber-made soles with treads that provide multi-directional traction. This reduces slips in any direction. Their upper comprises neoprene soft lining for a comfortable fit. Besides, they are waterproof to give you a “dry” comfort.

You have every reason to invest in these shoes if you’re an owner or employee of a car wash industry. Besides, these shoes have the following benefits:

  • They are waterproof

Non-slip shoes for carwash are waterproof to protect you from getting cold or wet feet. Their materials stave off water, thus keeping you dry. Besides, they have water-repellent treatments for quick-dry comfort. This is one feature that you will find useful since you will be walking on water puddles.

  • They are slip-resistant

Since they have rubber soles with well-defined lug patterns, these shoes are slip-resistant. Their lugs efficiently grip the floor to prevent slip in any direction. You can walk with confidence knowing that you have firmly stood your ground.

  • They are comfortable

They have soft in-shoe linings for a sock-like comfortable sensation on the skin. You can always wear them for long without irritation on your skin. Some have sufficient paddings in crucial areas to provide targeted support. You can always have support for your heel, ankle or arches with these types of non-slip shoes. With their elasticity, you can expect them to adapt to the shape of your foot effortlessly. Therefore, they put zero pressure on your feet.

Wearing them is also easy; some feature the slip-on wearing design. You can wear or take them off in a short time.


  • They don’t have Orthotics sock liners which could make your feet to have a bad odor.
  • Their insoles don’t offer sufficient support.
  • If water gets inside, they might slip internally.

5. Non-slip shoes for residential and commercial cleaners

If you are a cleaner, you will be mopping floors with soapy detergents. Floors will definitely become slippery. This necessitates the use of non-slip shoes for cleaners. When looking to buy a pair of shoes if you are a professional commercial cleaner, you will have to make sure that the outsoles are rubber-made.

Rubber-made outsole units have impressive grips on wet and oily surfaces. The outsoles of these shoes have tread patterns that grip the floor in any direction, leaving no chance to slips. You should also look for other features besides excellent grips in cleaning staff shoes.

One such feature is breathability. You want your shoes to permit inflow of fresh air so your feet can remain odorless even after wearing the shoes all day. Also, you should look for shoes that stave off water so you can have dry feet. And in case you will be working for longer hours, sufficient cushioning will be a must-have feature.

Remaining safe while cleaning buildings will help you do a great job with a lot of confidence. Invest in high-quality cleaners’ shoes.

Benefits of non-slip shoes for cleaning professionals

  • They have sufficient grips

These non-slip shoes have rubber-made outsoles for efficient grip on various floor types. With the kind of traction that they have, you will firmly stand your ground. Their treads move water and oil out of the way so they can grip the floor.

  • They are waterproof

They have waterproof treatment to stave off water so you can have dry feet for optimal performance. You can walk on puddles of water without your feet getting wet. Also, water can splash on your feet but will not penetrate through. Since they keep feet dry, you will not experience internal slips.

  • They are breathable

Their uppers have vents through which fresh air flows to the shoe chambers. This helps to keep your feet fresh and odorless. Also, your will have dry feet to some extent because of breathability.

  • They have a lace-up closure for fit customization

Cleaners shoes such as Shoes for Crews Men’s Delray not only have excellent grips but feature lace-up closure that comes in handy when you want to have a sturdy fit. You can easily adjust their fit to the level you prefer effortlessly.

Besides, customizing the fit also provides lateral support that you might need when doing your cleaning duty. Tightening the laces also makes sure that the shoes don’t come off by accident. As such, non-slip shoes in this category offer a lot more than just slip-resistance.


  • Some of these shoes might be uncomfortable due to insufficient soft lining.
  • Your shoes might not last longer for daily usage.
  • They might run small to size.

6. Non-slip shoes for roofing

People who fix roofs can also reap maximum benefits of slip-resistant shoes for roofing. One example of these shoes is Wolverine Men’s Legend 6 Inch boots. Their uppers are made from highly durable leather, which means that these shoes will definitely last longer than you expect.

With their shafts measuring 6 inches from the arch, you can always find impressive ankle support from them. Roofing professionals who have weak ankles can walk on roofs with sufficient ankle support.

When it comes to customizing the fit to your preferred level, you can effortlessly do so using the lace-up closure of the shoes. The laces go through hooks and not eyelets, which means you can always wear your boots to work in a short time.

Since roofs might be slippery especially after rain, you need shoes that can excellently hold the roof for non-slip performance. Lucky for you, these boots but rubber-made outsoles with well-defined treads for unmatched grip.

Cushioning is also generous so you can work all day long with zero stress to your foot muscles. You can always find non-slip shoes for roofing solutions that you like.

Benefits of non-slip shoes for roofing

  • They have non-slip rubber outsoles.
  • They have high-quality leather uppers.
  • They also protect wearers from electric shock hazards.
  • They have cushions for absorbing shocks.
  • Durability is one feature that they always have.


  • They might be less breathable.
  • You might always get bulky shoes.
  • Some might be expensive.


When it comes to staying slip-free while at work, you will have to choose the appropriate pair of shoes. Of course, you will choose the right pair according to your profession. If you work in a restaurant, you can always find the best non-slip shoes for your profession. The same case applies to health professionals and chefs.

But you will have to consider other factors too besides non-slip performance. Such factors include the comfort of the shoes, price and durability just to mention a few. You need to be safe from slips. You also need to stay comfortable for improved performance. So, it’s a great idea to consider other factors as well.

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